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What are the Benefits?

23 June 2001, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)





        The TV ads convince us that whatever they promote "You deserve" it. "You will benefit" from it .
        We have been conditioned to believe that Life's big question is, "How do I benefit"

In our previous sermons we have covered :

        The Purpose of our Church family
        How to Keep our Church Family Spiritually Wholesome and Growing with Improvement.
        How to avoid Curses on our Church and Person.


        How can we Benefit by belonging to our Church Family?
        How can I personally benefit by believing, loving and belonging to my Father God, God Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit?

God in His love has outlined for us in His word all the benefits that He has made available to us. He has made a most user friendly list which He has relayed to us via King David. We should remember that the word benefit means, "a favourable factor or circumstance for good." "Goodness in anything." So with that in mind let us survey the list.


PSALM 103:1-2 It is our duty to bless God by speaking well of His holy name and person. Our entire being and energies ought to praise Him. It is a case of 100% for God. When we are in such a position and frame of mind we "will not forget all His benefits."

Notice it is a reminder not to forget any of God's benefits. This is necessary because our humanity is so prone to forget. His benefits are Divine and Eternal and gifts to us from an appreciative God. God who is satisfied and joyful that we accept His salvation offer. The benefits are the result of believing, trusting and loving the Godhead.


Verse 3.

God FORGIVES Our God is the God "who forgives all our iniquities." Our God is the Forgiving God.
God HEALS "Your God heals all your diseases." Eventually from death and disease and gives eternal life through resurrection. As He says in the following verse.

Verse 4.

God REDEEMS Your God is the God ' who redeems your life from destruction (death)." That is resurrection. Oh what a wonderful benefit. That is what Christianity is all about.
CROWNS US Our God awards us, the undeserving sinners, with the grace of His "lovingkindness and tender mercies."

Verse 5.

SATISFIES our basic physical needs and
RENEWS and gifts to we underserving sinners, returned youthful strength.

The Lord benefits us with Favour, Presevation and Satisfaction because that is how His grace works. It is how He shares His love and goodness toward us.

Verse 6.

God EXECUTES righteousness and justice upon all the oppresses. Those oppressed with their own sins and feel their need of His benefits. He is the God of fairness.

In verses 7-9 we are told that we have benefited from God making His ways of dealing with us "known" by His Word, Moses and Israel. What a privilege and benefit that is to us. That is how we know "His ways" are "plenty" of grace and mercy with a reluctance to anger. He does not endlessly nag and scold or hold grudges but by the same token He will not wait for us forever.

Verse 10 reminds us of the fact that He has not dealt with us as we deserve. He has not rewarded us for our sins. He still patiently waits for us to repent and reap the benefits he is lovingly waiting to shower on us. Verses 11-13 reiterate His benefits and "pity" for His children. He is the Holy loving Father.


God in Divine sympathy understands our spiritual frailty. That is a real Plus. That is a great benefit. He alone knows how to handle us. He knows what we are made of, - dust and the flesh - humanity. He knows we are mortal and transitory. He knows us inside out. Now that is a real benefit.

His mercy is everlasting and for all who accept His offer and agree to the covenant. His mercy brings with it all His benefits of grace to those who respect Him and keep His covenant and remember His commandments to do them in the power He offers all. see verse 17.

Why not accept His offer and sign up for our Family Benefits. What a great God we have. Bless the Lord, of my soul.

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