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Remembering the Mandate

2 Feb 2002, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)


THEME:  HOLY COMMUNION - We are Disciples of Christ

SCRIPTURE READING:  Matthew 28:19-20   10:24-25


Recently I spent a week in a large modern dormitory which was fitted out with high tech digital fire warning systems.    The system required that the dormitory shower room's windows be closed and sealed at all times.   To break the rule upset the exhaust fan system and excess steam from hot showers could set the alarms off which were also connected to the local fire station. 

An unknown visitor opened the windows and you guessed it.   At 7.00 a.m. the alarm went off.  A recorded voice instructed all occupants to leave the building immediately.   I was about to enter the shower .  Dilemma !  I wrapped a towel around me and left the building with all other people.

It was a false alarm.  The fire chief arrived and was not amused.  Her gave the Dormitory Manager  a mandate.  That if the rules were broken again severe fines would be imposed on the owners.  Before the fire Officer left he reminded the servant ( dormitory manager) of his mandate.

HUMBLE SERVANTS     - Feet Washing 

Our Chief Fire Fighter Gave us  a  Mandate   Matt  28: 19-20

Disciples  Make Disciples & Continue as Disciples/ Servants

Matt 10: 24-25 Disciple/ Servants are as their  Master/Lord  and  Humble

Shows a strong Commitment to Christ & Teachable spirit

Luke 14:26,27,33   Forsake all for Christ   Loyal & Loving Spirit.

John 13:15     "Whatsoever I command"     His Command to wash each others feet. 

Wash Feet    To remind us we are humble servant/disciples  as He was.


His Body - Flesh :     Disciple Bread        

John 8:31-32    Disciples  Continue   in Word   Know Truth/ Free

His Body - Blood:   Disciple Life

John 13:34      His Love our Love.  Life is Love.  His   Command


John 15: 8     Humble   Obedient Loving Disciples.   Continually bear fruit =  Disciple Makers

Holy Communion is a Continual Disciple reminder.

Enjoy Feasting On Jesus.


Home > Church Family > Sermon Summaries > 2 Feb 2002, Pr George Porter - Remembering the Mandate