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27 Apr 2002, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)


THEME:  God Knows Our Sorrows and is Bent on Delivering Us.

SCRIPTURE:  Exodus 3:7-8


Anzac day reminds us of war and a battle long ago.  The battle we lost to the Turks at Galipoli.

We Aussies went to deliver and to secure victory for the allies but instead we were slaughtered.

That reminds me of another war and battle in close proximity to Turkey.  God did battle as He often did in the same regions.  God made war on Egypt.

It all began when Joseph was sold into Egypt and was eventually followed by his family.  His people were recipients of the best of the land in Egypt.  The oasis land of Goshen.  A fertile and prosperous portion of Egypt where the Hebrews multiplied and greatly increased in numbers.   It was a heavenly haven from the drought which gripped their homeland.  A grateful Pharoah rewarded the Hebrews in return for Joseph's excellent drough relief efforts for his people the Egyptians.  Times changed.


The first two chapters of Exodus cover about 80 yrs of time.  The rest of the book perhaps a year  or even less than a year.


Verses 1-11  There is Israel's migration to Egypt.  In time Joseph and all his generation die. He dies at 110 years of age.  A generation of boomers follows.  Babies were being born at a very fast rate.  They overran Goshen.

Verse 8  A new pharoah who did not know Joseph arrived on the throne of Egypt.  He made plans to curb the baby boom.

Verse 11  The Israelites were made the mud brick makers and taskmasters were placed over them to inflict hardship, burdens and afflictions so as to curb their growth and presumed  threat to Egypt. 

Verse  12  Pharoah turned boom buster. He threatened doom to the baby boom.

Verse  13  Egypt introduced harsh measures to curb the baby boom.  But God made war on Egypt and blessed the Hebrew mid-wives so that the Hebrew women delivered babies easily and quickly. Verse 14 bitter bondage and slavery was the result.  Oppression became hard to handle.

Verses 15-19  Pharoah made a death decree against Hebrew males

Verses 20-22   God does battle by assisting the Hebrew women and the King of Egypt enforces the death penalty.


God steps up His war against Egypt. He does battle through a loyal Levite family. Moses is born and delivered from death and destined to deliver his people from the Egyptians.  God made this known to him.   Moses went ahead of God to deliver his people and killed an Egyptian.  He became an Egytian Hebrew refugee in the land of Midian.  He marries and becomes a shepherd for 40 years.  God waits His time for the next battle in the war against Egypt.   

Verse 23 The king who knew Moses died.  The Hebrews cry because of their suffering and slavery.

Verse 24-25 The God of heaven hears their cry for help and deliverance and remembers His covenant to deliver His people.  He has compassion and concern and plans a final battle.


We notice in verses 1-3 God visits the Married shepherd refugee through the burning bush on the  backside of the desert.  Here we find one of the longest personal dialogues between God and a human, recorded in Scripture.

Verses 7-8 God states He has SEEN the affliction of His people. He has HEARD their cry for help and deliverance and He KNOWS their sorrows And has come down to DELIVER them.  Moses was to be His General in the battle to deliver the saints. 

God did after much trouble with Pharoah use Moses to accomplish His promise of deliverance. After the plagues and miraculous demonstrations of God's power the obedient Hebrews escaped from Egypt's clutches.  All who practiced the Passover and placed the blood of the Lamb over the doors of their dwellings were delivered with their lives.

Moses God is our creator God.  The deliverance He performed for the hebrews He will perform for us.   we are refugees in a foreign land of sin.  We are plagued by the sins of Egypt.  We have our modern hardship situations and afflictions. We too have our slavery to our pet sins.  We are afflicted by our modern Egypts.  

The good news is that God SEES our afflictions. He HEARS our cries.    He KNOWS our sorrows and He comes down in The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our Saviour to DELIVER us when we seek His deliverance.

He came down once and delivered salvation on Calvary.   He is coming the second time soon to deliver us forever.      How is the Battle?

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