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Enticed: Beware, Take Care

3 Aug 2002, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)

Title:  "Enticed" -    Beware Take Care

Theme :   How  to Sin

Scripture Reading  Proverbs 4:10-19


As Ralph Nader has said,   you have survived another week "in the supermarket of crime and monetary corruption."   "Where greed is raging on steroids."  "The system of self perpetuating sin and vice,  where shareholders have no power."   The world of equal opportunity for corruption ."  "Campaign cash which produces convergence of culpability."    Scientific hi-tech sin.

Sabbath is a respite from the like.   Today my topic from the Word is for all ages, races male and female - yes even for Christians.

Jacob and Esau  are proverbial.  They became Israel /Judah - the Jews versus the Edomites  and vice versa.     This has extended right down to our day and is displayed in the Jewish Arab/Muslim conflict.  All are descendants of Isaac and Ishmael. The Bible emphasizes Edom's extreme hatred over centuries of conflict between these relatives.    There has been bitter hatred on both sides.

The book of Obadiah in the Old Testament  records God's displeasure with Edom positioned at  Sela and Petra.   It also records God's predicted punishment of Edom for their hatred for "His annointed"  and "chosen"  - their relatives.   Obadiah was a common name and means    "servant of Yahweh"

The occassion recorded in the small book is most likely a referral to Edomites as allies of Babbylon in the plunder of Jerusalem  in 587/6  BC.

The charge against Edom by God  was "for violence against your brother"  - the relatives!

This was a culmination of such events over centuries of hatred  exercised against the Jews.


The way Edom became tangled  up in sin is still the way we all get involved with sin and wrong doing.

        Verse 11 - They stood around sin where it was taking place.
        Verse 12 - They looked on and watched sin taking place
        Verse 12 - They celebrated and rejoiced over sin 
        Verse 12 - They spoke proudly - gloated over the process of sin
        Verse 13 - Next they entered into the arena of sin
        Verse 13 - They joined in looting and stealing from relatives
        Verse 14 - They ambushed and killed relatives
        Verse 14 - They captured survivors and delivered them as POW

So is recorded how easy it is after harbouring extreme hatred to landslide into the depths of sin and evil against brethren.

On the other hand we can learn :


Don't  stand and hang around sin
Don't  look at and watch sin
Don't celebrate and rejoice over sin
Don't gloat over the process of sin
Don't enter into the arena and act out sin
Don't ambush others and make them prisoners of sin   POW in the battle with the evil one.

Obadiah  verse 15 reminds us that, " whatever we have done to others will be done to us."  Works are rewarded.    


In verses 17-21 we are assured  that God's people will be delivered and holiness shall be victorious.  The end result will be the possessing of rightful possessions as allocated by the Lord.   Saviours the instruments of God will be used to install the kingdom of God.  The reward for all those who in God's power refrain from sin by following the formula above as outlined by God via  Obadiah His servant.

So friends follow this simple recipe for Christian success and assurance of a bright and Holy future in Christ.

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