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Life Goes On

4 Jan 2003, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)

Title:   Life Goes On

Scripture Reading:   Luke 2:22-38

Theme:  We must tackle lifes' responsibilities as life moves on after special events.

The events of our lives during year 2002 climaxed in the events of Christmas and New Years Eve.  However, after these major events we must move on as life must go on.  More people will be born and  more will die - BUT life goes on.

The Divine man-child had  arrived  on time as predicted and where predicted and was born to a virgin woman as predicted in Holy Scripture.  Israel had been given ample information  but were not ready.  Mary was told by an angel of her pregnancy to the Holy Spirit.   The parents were told by the angel the name of the child and His mission.  The angels announced His arrival to the shepherds. The Magi of the east no doubt followed Jewish Prophecies and the traditional prophecy  of Numbers 24:17-   concerning the Star that would arise out of Jacob.  Together with study dreams and promptings of the Holy spirit and the sighting of this NEW star they move over to Jerusalem in search of the Messiah.

Mary and Joseph marveled at events and the information given them.  Mary kept it all in her mind and pondered on it all .  Luke 2:19,33,51.

BUT life went on.  The child grew and increased in stature and in favour with God and mankind.  He sinned not against God nor against mankind.  Always in favour. 

Life went on.  The angels to their important posts of duty for the God of the universe.  The shepherds returned to their work and duty.  The wise men returned to their Gentile country.    Herod to plotting to eradicate opposition to his power and Satan to stirring the nations up against Messiah.

The Parents Life went on. 

They faithfully followed the ritual set down for them by God Himself. Faithful parents always follow the ritual prescribed by God for their benefit and the benefit of their children. 

Luke 2:21  Joseph and Mary took Jesus the 8th day and had him circumcised according to the law's instruction as given by God.   They followed every particular.  That is how  the life of a God-fearing family must go on.  They followed the ritual.

Ritual that God  prescribes is not salvation in itself.  It is an agency of God to remind us of our need of His salvation and our own  inability to save ourselves.  Ritual does not save.  Ritual is a constant reminder that we need to remember our need of God always.  Faithful parents  obey God's rituals as an aid in teaching their children about God.

Luke 2:22  About forty days after Christ's arrival His parents again were faithful to the command of the Lord and took the child to Jerusalem to present the child to the priest for dedication to the Lord as the first born male.   His name was entered on the register but the priest  apparently  did not recognize the Divine human child.    Parents obedient to the ritual.  Reminders of who supplied their Son  and their salvation.    Life goes on after 40 days for all.

Luke 2:25-27   There was a righteous and just man in Jerusalem.  He believed the prophecies about the Messiah and was expecting the saviour to arrive.  He was also influenced by the Holy Spirit and informed by Him that he would see the child before he died.  Life goes on and the Holy spirit led him to the temple where he recognized immediately what the priest had missed.

Simeon looked on the child and saw --

  That the true shekinah glory had returned to the temple.
  The unconscious babe as the promised seed.
  The lamb of God promised from the alter by Eden.
  Shiloh the peace giver.
  The I am of Israel, the pillar of cloud and fire - Guide of His people.
  The desire of all nations, The Root and offspring of David.
  The bright and morning star.
  The name inscribed in the register of Israel declared Him Brother.
  The Hope of all humanity.
  His parents pay the redemption money for Him who would pay the ransom for the sins off all the world.
  Simeon also saw the High Priest over the House of GOD FOREVER.
  He recognized the God-Man of an unchangeable priesthood.
  Our intercessor at the right hand of the majesty on high.

Luke 2:28-35  Simeon goes on with a prophesy about the child and His Mission as life goes on.  Verse 34 includes the all nations (verse 32 Gentiles you and I too)  All people of all nations would make decisions to either believe the Messiah or reject Him.  Life goes on and Simeon's prophecy still acts out in all nations and peoples as some believe and millions reject heaven's gift of love and salvation.

You and I were included in Simeon's prediction which he made on behalf of God by the instruction of the Holy Spirit.  So as life must and does go on do we decide for Jesus or do we condemn ourselves by our unbelief?

As life goes on this is our most serious challenge.

Life goes on after Christmas.   After the ritual comes the reality of remembering the reason for the ritual.  Love for God.  Belief in His glorious gift. Thanks for His salvation. Obedience to our duties as parents to lead our children to God.  Joseph and Mary did this and twelve  years later  in verse 41 they followed the ritual and took the young man to Jerusalem to attend  the Passover.   Because of their faithful  worship and instruction He recognized Himself as the lamb and told His parents, "I must be about my Father's business."  He was not talking about Joseph.

He now announced His Divine -human nature and His mission to save the world.   Life was going on.  His life must go on to Calvary so as to secure our destiny- heaven. 

As life goes on friends how is your belief in Jesus Christ  your Saviour.   Will you rise or fall over this - life's greatest decision?  See verse 34.

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