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The Live More Project

Commenced Tuesday May 12, for 10 Weeks

Note: Even though it has already begun, we are accepting late registrations.

Thornleigh church invites you to join us as we participate in The Live More Project.

The Live More Project (by Elia Wellness) brings together scientifically-proven strategies from Neuroscience, Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine into a fun experiential and life-enhancing program. Developed and presented by Dr Darren Morton, the Live More Project is helping people improve their health and happiness around the world.

Here at Thornleigh, we are conducting weekly online Zoom meetings for 60 minutes each Tuesday at 7:00pm, commencing May 12.

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How to Register

It normally costs $75, but your participation in the project is FREE if you sign up before the end of June.  To be a part of our special sessions run by Thornleigh church, please do the following:

After you have entered your "Sign Up" details (which includes your name and email address) you will receive an automated Welcome email from Elia Wellness.  You will also receive a personal email from the Thornleigh facilitators within a few days, containing the details about how to join the first online Zoom Meeting.  Please note that the Elia website will also invite you to fill out a personal medical history - this is optional, and is not required to attend the Thornleigh hosted Zoom Meetings.

Home > The Live More Project