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Online Magazine: Edition 19

October/November 2007

Welcome to the Nineteenth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



In This Issue

by Norman Tew

We again have a variety of articles, on different subjects, written in different styles.  However we trust that you will find several that will be both interesting and inspiring.

Pastor's Piece by Dr Barry Wright (link to article)

This issue our Pastor has returned (last issue he was teaching pastors in Papua New Guinea).  His theme this time is Bearing the burdens of one another.

Plans & Princesses by Erica Green (link to article)

Here is another article by our member who prefers to use a pseudonym for her writing here.  But what she has to say is well worth reading, and she is a very good story teller, which makes it even more interesting.

Love by Ian Harrison (link to article)

This article is the third in a series.  We have already had the first two in previous issues of the on-line magazine.  As stated there Ian is not a member of our congregation, but he offered us this series of articles giving his view of the experience of coming to Jesus.    In the first article he talked of the gifts of the Spirit, which includes the gift of Love; in the second he talked of the messages to the churches in Revelation; now he expands on the gifts that God gives in love

Divine Law by Gordon Stewart (link to article)

This author is not a member of our church group.  He prepared an article for his own church which was published at the beginning of this year.  In that article he spoke of the four great bodies of the law in the Bible as:

He quoted from Psalm 19 that David writes of the Law of the Lord as Perfect, enlightening, true and righteous.  Many of the laws relate to Health Issues and various studies have shown that Orthodox Jews who obey the health laws have a better health record than others.  Christians who also follow the Biblical health laws have been shown to have a better than average score on many health problems.

The article in this issue is a follow-up article to that first one, which was rejected for publication by his own church paper, and which he then offered to us.

Why Me by Mary Turbet (link to article)

Mary is one of the leaders of our Sabbath School service.  Before we divide into small groups for Bible Study it is usual for the leader to present a devotional.  Here is another one of Mary=s devotional presentations from a recent service.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 19 - October/November 2007