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World At War - With Its Maker

by Wes Guy

World At War - With Its Maker

Theme:  World Crisis Imminent

Text:  Genesis 6:3 (first part)

Editor's Note:  This is a Bible Study, to get the meaning of this article you will need to look up and read the Bible texts listed. In some ways it is a "Strong Meat" type of Bible Study.  Every reader may not agree with the interpretations of the texts read into them by the author but they can be thought provoking.


Thoughtful people are perplexed by the intensity which is gripping the human race.

The contempt for authority; moral depravity; infatuation with vice; increasing crime and violence; industrial unrest and economic uncertainty; the growing frequency of natural disasters - all give cause for anxious forebodings for the future.

Is there a solution to world problems?

What will tomorrow bring?

We need not grope for answers.

The most neglected best seller - the Bible - has the answers. It tell us about …

Man's Answer To World Problems

Revelation 13:11-17.  Under pressure from misguided churchmen, the U.S.A will "make an image" to popery by enforcing religious worship with secular authority.

Revelation 18:23.  "Great wonders" performed by Satanic agencies will deceive "all nations" into supporting this antichristian drive for restoration to divine favour and temporal prosperity.

Revelation 13:3,4,8,12.  The pope of Rome will be exalted to spiritual leadership of a global dictatorship.

Revelation 13:12-14.  "Miracles" and "lying wonders" will give world-wide credibility to the resurgent papacy.

Revelation 13:16. Sunday observance will be rigorously enforced on a world-wide scale as the "mark" of Rome's authority.

Revelation 13:15-17. Dissenters will suffer economic boycott or execution.

Psalm 119:126. These steps will bring the nations into controversy with the Ruler of the Universe, for making void His Law.

The Bible also tells us about…

God's Answer To World Problems

Revelation 14:6,7. The gospel will be preached to the world with power, pointing to rejection of the Creator and His truth as the real cause of human ills.

John 3:16. The world will be called back to loyalty to the Creator, in response to His supreme sacrifice for man.

Mark 2:27,28. The loyalty will be manifested by obedience to all God's commandments, especially the fourth, which enjoins observance of the Creator's designated memorial of creation and mark of His authority - the seventh-day Sabbath.

Revelation 14:9-11. All will be warned against bowing to the new world order by observation of Rome's rival rest day - Sunday - the "mark" of her authority.

To Each Individual, The Issue Will Be:

Shall I Obey God? - Or Man?

2 Peter 3:13. Those who choose God will be accepted as citizens of His new order, to be established on the renewed earth.

Revelation 14:9,10. Those who reject God and oppose His just claims must feel the force of His indignation in the "seven last plagues."

Jeremiah 25:29-33. Under this fearful outpouring of divine wrath, man's new world order disintegrates.

Isaiah 24:1,3. At the coming of the Son of God, the earth is depopulated and laid waste.

Revelation 20:4. The rebellious are destroyed by the glory of God, while the loyal are removed to the city of God.

Revelation 22:14. After the millennium, the earth is restored to its original perfection, as the eternal home of the obedient.

World Crisis Imminent

God has declared Genesis 6:3. He leaves the incorrigible to reap the  harvest of their wrong-doings. As a harbinger of coming crisis, the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth. Without this shield of Omnipotence, puny man has no protection from his own fierce passions, nor from the convulsions of nature. Consequently we are entering an era of lawlessness and terrorism on the one hand, and natural disasters, on the other. Destruction of life, property and harvest is becoming more and more frequent. AND WORSE IS TO COME.

In an attempt to find a scapegoat, religious leaders will point to the desecration of Sunday sanctity as the reason for the increasing troubles. Deceived by propaganda, the masses will gladly board the popular band-wagon - "Back to God". Under the influence of mass hysteria, people will clamour for a Sunday Law, to force everyone to church services, in the hope of restoration to divine favour. This movement will begin in the USA, and extend to the rest of the world under the power of miracle working demons, who are intent on leading the world to its final destruction.  Revelation 16:14

But God's light will shine in this time of spiritual darkness, and none need be deceived.  Revelation 18:1-4

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