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Online Magazine: Edition 22

April/May 2008

Welcome to the Twenty-second Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



Introductions only

by Norman Tew

With five good articles by other people there is no need for me to write an editorial article, but I can just introduce the other pieces.

The Pastor's Piece needs little introduction.  This issue he is guiding us into the only secure place of refuge in this world of problems.

Each week in Seventh-day Adventist churches there is "Sabbath School".  This is mainly a Bible Study time, but before we divide into smaller groups to study the Bible topic assigned for the week the leader usually gives a short presentation on an uplifting topic of their own choice.  Whenever Mary Turbet is leader we get very interesting presentations, and another is presented on the subject of Hearing and Listening in this issue. 

We are fortunate to have another article by Erica Green in this issue ("What an Example!").  While she uses a "nom de plume" for her articles, Erica is guaranteed to provoke the reader to think deeply about her subject.

John Morris is a regular contributor.  This time he uses a grand-daughter's birthday celebrations as the spring board for looking at some celebrations of Biblical women.

Denis Jenkins has provided the next instalment of his History of the Christian church, which has been running at irregular intervals since the inception of this on-line magazine.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 22 - April/May 2008