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Online Magazine: Edition 25

October/November 2008

Welcome to the Twenty-fifth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



Introduction to Articles

by Norman Tew

We have again a collection of different articles, though all of them are related to spiritual matters.

The Pastor has this time written on the theme that God Keeps His Promises.  How good it is that we have a promise keeping God who does not change.

Margaret Southon's article is another one that is adapted from a morning talk in our Bible Study time.  As noted previously from week to week the leader discusses an issue that is on their heart before we break into classes to discuss the Bible study of the week.  There are still some elements of a spoken presentation in this article.

John Morris again tells stories from his personal experience to make a point.  Some of us fail to see the lessons in our experiences; others can bring a lesson out of the simplest happening.  This time John is talking about people who missed or misread signals, and applies this to the events around all of us.

Dr Jean Carter grew up in this area and is an educator with a good bag of skills when it comes to training children (and also the teachers of children).  She has written up some thoughts that she had previously presented as a worship talk to a group of educators.  However the lessons can apply to all of us, especially as we are reading her article on the Internet!

Denis Jenkins is also an educator, though not in a normal school room.  He has sent in some more instalments of his History of the Christian church.  For this issue we are looking at the reformation in Holland.  With several articles now in hand we can expect these to continue in alternate issues.

We wish you God's blessing as you ponder on the articles this time.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 25 - October/November 2008