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A Mother's View of her Children

by Jill Wong

A Mother's view of her children (modified from a Mother's Day talk)

We have three children, Peter 51; Wendy 49 and Stephen 47.   They have given us much happiness and many reasons to be proud of them. However, there have been worrying times.  And there have been times when I could have done better or differently in my dealing with them. However when they hurt we hurt with them.

When Peter was five he started school at the infants' school at the end of our street .  The first week he was fine, but in the second week he was reluctant to go to school and came home distressed.   You see, we were the only Chinese family in Pennant Hills then and they were calling him "Ching, Chong, Chinaman" and because he reacted they kept it up.  However, he had a caring teacher and she would meet him at the gate so things died down. But this did make him into a caring person who always befriended the underdog.  Peter is now a doctor working for the disabled in a complex in Newcastle.

Recently we felt sympathy for Stephen.  As an administrator in an international IT company he was told he had to sack five of his staff because of the recession.  They were in responsible jobs and good workers.  He was so sorry for them and knew one would lose her house so he was really stressed over this task.

Now about Wendy.  In Peter's first year at school he caught Measles, German Measles, Mumps and Chicken Pox.  He would also have bouts of giddiness because of middle ear problems. Wendy was only three years old but she would care for him, but even at three she knew what she did not want to be when I suggested, a Nurse!  Wendy is now a physiotherapist caring for and fighting for the concerns of the elderly on the South Coast of NSW.

By the way when Wendy was called names at school she said "so what" and there was no more name calling. She protected her little brother also' although he did land a punch or two.

As a mother, all I want for my children is that they are happy and caring and, above all secure in their love for our God and His love for them.   This is what I pray for continually.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 29 - June/July 2009 > A Mother's View of her Children (by Jill Wong)