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A History of the Christian Church

Part One, by Denis Jenkins

by Denis Jenkins


The entire concept of the Christian Church is based upon belief in creation of this world by God, and the event of sin.  Without these two events the logic of the Christian Church ceases to exist. 

Original Creation

A Christian cannot be an evolutionist, for the concepts of evolution and creation are opposed to each other.  Evolution teaches the ascendancy of man.  This concept supports the idea that man was formed inferior, and has progressed and continues to progress from a primitive life form to more complex.  God is not a part of this equation, although some Christians try to include God in this process. 

The Bible explanation of origins supports the concept of original creation.  This concept supports the idea of perfect creation, along with the degeneration of man by sin.  The creation concept thus deals with the concept of descendency, or the concept of moving from perfection to imperfection. 

Original Perfection

Sin is the explanation of that movement from perfection to imperfection.  Without accepting that sin does exist, and that the human race is degenerating because of it, there is no good reason for the intervention of Christ. 

Before the creation of the world, God's plan of saving the world from possible sin was through Christ.  Christ's only purpose is to deal with the degenerating effect of sin and then to return us to the original perfection of His creation.

To believe in evolution is to deny original perfection, the fall of man, and the intervention of Christ to restore humankind to our originally created perfection.

The concept of evolution parallels with Satan's lie.  When he tempted humankind, he said that if Eve and Adam were to disobey God's command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would become like God.  Satan said to Eve, if you take your own action, and make up your own mind to disobey God you will become like Him.  Evolution contains the same notion that the developing organism is capable of improving itself through its own actions within the environment.

Evolution does away with the concept of conflict over sin.  Thus there is no distinction between right or wrong.  All action to promote the survival of the fittest legitimises the chaotic existence of war, murder and self-seeking.  These are attributes that are foreign to the concept of the character of God as it is revealed through the concept of creation.

For these reasons, a Christian cannot at the same time accept the origin theory of evolution and that of creation. 

If we reject creation as the basis for mankind's beginnings, on what basis do we accept the reality of the remaining Scriptures?  What follows the creation account in the Bible is all based on the notion of original creation.  If the creation concept is removed, then the Christian church becomes illogical and irrelevant as it has no purpose or beginning, and no mandate to continue to exist. 

Conflict between Christ and Satan

The Christian Church is based upon the conflict between Christ and Satan.  The church is the symbol of God's power against evil on this earth.  Since there is a conflict, it is logical to assume that the enemy will try to sabotage the symbol of goodness and righteousness.  Therefore the Christian Church will have, and does have, a history of Satan continually working through humanity to attempt to nullify the works of God in His people. 

The disciples, the very first group of Christians, had Judas in their midst who was Satan's agent.  As well, the other disciples were continually plagued with the effects of sinful humanity as they argued who was going to be the greatest and sit at the right hand of Christ.  Such is the frailty of mankind, and such is the greatness of the gift of God in persistently seeking and assisting such unworthy beings into the reality of His perfection once again. 

The history of the Christian Church is the history of the battle between the power of God and the power of Satan.  Satan, a being who was once the first angel in heaven, rebelled against God and wanted to be as God.  This battle must continue in order to show humankind, along with two-thirds of the angels in heaven, the terrible results of sin.  The purpose of the battle is to restore humankind to God so that they can exist in perfection once again. 

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