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Words of Light

Pastor's Piece

by Pr Sue Redman

Pastor's Piece - Words of Light

As Christians across the globe pause to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I want to share a gallery of words that each gives insight into the final scenes of Christ's life.

This word picture was painted by Ty Gibson in Shades of Grace and is so powerful there were times when I was reading it that I physically felt sick to the stomach, had tears in my eyes and a grimace on my face. My prayer is that it will enable you to experience the love of God in new and meaningful ways and if this is the first time you are meeting Jesus, it's important you know He did all this for you . . . 

"I have come that (you) may have life, and (you) may have it abundantly." -- Jesus Christ, John 10:10

To read the Easter story in full, search John 18-20 at To learn more in person, come join us for our Easter Service on Saturday, April 3 at 11.00am! Alternatively, email I'd love to hear from you! Happy Easter!


Words of Light in the Dark by Ty Gibson

Nightfall. Moon. Stars. Men walking. Eleven. Not twelve. Stopping. Garden. Four. Walking. Heavy. Wondering. "My soul!" Sorrow. Dying. "Pray!" Drowsiness. Slumber. One. Alone. Lonely.

Staggering. Burden. Invisible. Internal. Falling. Prostrate. Agony. Weeping. Sweating. Bleeding. Pleading. Cup? Cup? Trembling. Struggling. Weighing. "Me?" "Them?" "Resurrection?" Grappling. "Me?" "Them?" Choosing. "Them?" "Yes!" "Them!"

Dying. Angel. Comfort. Strength.

Mob. Torches. Betrayer. "Master!" Kiss. Betrayal. "Friend." "Why?" Flash. Glory. Powerful. Falling. Confusion. Free. Arising. Composure. "Who?" "Jesus!" Submissive. Grabbing. Sword. Slash. Blood. Ear. Reproof. Touch. Healing. Fear. Self-preservation. Fleeing! Abandonment. Alone again. Surrounded. Alone. Heldfast. Alone still!

Midnight. Darkness. Trial. High Priest. Religion without God. Expediency. Pride. Witnesses. Witnesses? Liars! Question. "Christ?" Silence. Question. Swearing. Answer. Unacceptable. Indignation. Spitting. Striking. Anger. Threats. Accusation. "Blasphemy!" "Guilty!" Guilty? Innocent!

Fire. Watching. Listening. Identified. Question. Denial. Question. Denial. Question. Cursing. Denial. Rooster. Crowing. Recall. Glance. Disappointment. Compassion. Shame. Weeping. Fleeing.

Betrayer. Realisation. Conviction. Remorse. Shame. Silver. Value? None! Desperation. Confession. "Stop!" "Never!" Hardness. Coldness. Run. Rope. Neck. Suicide.

Blindfolded. Mockery. Punch. "Who?" "Prophesy!" Laughter.

Morning. Bound. Walking. Pilate. Judgement. Trial. Accusations. Standing. Examination. Question. Answer. Conviction. Discernment. "Innocent!" Galilee. Galilean? "Ah!" "Herod!" Sent. Questions. Silence. "Pilate!" Returned.

Compromise? Release? "One!" "Who?" "Barabbas!" The Innocent. The guilty. Choose? The Guilty!

Soldiers. Brutality. Stripped. Tied. Leather. Bone. Metal. Sharp. Handle. Arm. Scourging. Lifting. Falling. Whipping. Tearing. Whipping. Tearing. Whipping. Tearing. Hanging. Bleeding. Dignity. Silence. Clothed. Scarlet robe. Crown. Thorns. Scepter. Mockery. "Hail!" "King!" Spit. "Good enough?" "No!" "Innocent!" "No!" Manipulation. Pressure. Basin. Hands. Washed. "Crucify!"

Cross. "Walk!" Heavy. Dragging. Staggering. Falling. Rising. Falling. Rising. Falling. "You!" Relief. Hill. Climb. Fall. Climb.

Wood. Nails. Hammer. Grabbing. Pushing. Holding. (No need!) Submission. Silence. Pounding. Penetrating. Tearing. Twitching. Jerking. Quivering. Shaking. Bleeding. Loving. Still! Observers. "Why?" Confusion. Tears. Fear.

Lift. Balance. Hole. Thud. Rip. Gouge. Hanging. Breathless. Gasping. Eyes rounded. Writhing. Agony. Looking down. Eye contact. Looking out. Eye contact. Tears. Lifting. Wrenching. Dropping. Pausing. Lifting. Wrenching. Dropping. Weight. Hands. Feet. Holds. Gaping. Vinegar. Refusal.

Cross. Crosses. Right. Left. Words. Reviling. "Save self!" "Us!" Reproof. Discerning. Acknowledging. Asking. Paradise. "Remember me?" Acceptance. Promise. Gratitude. Peace. Mother. Alone. Concern. "Son!" Please. "Mother!" Earthquake.

Forsaken? "Father?" "Why?"

Sky. Sun. Eclipse. Moon. Darkness.

Soul. Pain. Eclipse. Love. Light.

Unrelenting. Holding. Selfless. Triumphant.

Demons. Trembling. Realising. Defeat.

Peace. Submission. Trust. Eyes shut.

Darkness. Darkness? No. Light!

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