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Online Magazine: Edition 39

February/March 2011

Welcome to the Thirty Ninth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



The articles in this issue

by Norman Tew

We have a mixed bag of articles for this issue.

The Pastor's Pieces comes from a different Pastor as Pastor Sue Redman has been moved to Castle Hill SDA church and Pastor Alex Currie has come to shepherd our congregation.  For his first Pastor's Piece he writes on the subject of the Cross.

Again we have a second Pastor's Piece as we use another short bulletin article from Pastor John McIndoe, one of the ministers of the Baptist group from Pennant Hills temporarily worshipping in our church.

John Morris takes a different line this issue.  Instead of bringing moral lessons from his wide experience in the bush and elsewhere this time he speculates on a future event.  Taking the Bible story of David and Bathsheba, John considers how it will be when David has to face up to the husband he had killed so that David could take Bathsheba as a wife.  An interesting concept.

Erica Green takes the title "Who do you think you are?" but unlike the television programs with that title it does not look at ancestors but how we measure our current existence.  The Kingdom of God uses a different set of standards to measure people than modern society does.

Our final article is from a younger member of our congregation.  Recently Pathfinders (10 to 16 year olds) from Adventist churches across Australia held a Camporee on the show ground at Toowoomba.  The camporee closed about 36 hours before the flash floods hit the town, so the campers were away but they still had a very wet Camporee.  Fourteen year old Maryellen Fairfax wrote a report for our church bulletin and added a few sentences to make it suitable for this magazine.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 39 - February/March 2011