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Online Magazine: Edition 51

February/March 2013

Welcome to the Fifty-first Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.




by John Morris

This edition of the Online Magazine has seen the passage of Christmas and the opening of the 2013 year. Given that every new year starts a 365 base day cycle I will not apologise for taking a fresh look at the new year.

Alex Currie in The Pastor's Piece, gives us some thoughts that might assist in making a new year run smoothly.

Wes Guy gives us a more traditional New Year's Message recommending that no matter what state you might be in, reach out to Jesus for forgiveness and moral support for the year ahead.  In a second article Wes Guy continues with some of his personal flying experiences that demonstrates dramatically that God is interested in each one of us. Some have dramatic interventions, for some God is more in the background. But, he is there.

Erica Green presents some thoughts on the sin problem. Erica recommends that we look further than the most often used definition that "Sin is the transgression of the law". And by inference - what we need most is God's love in action in our hearts and minds.

George Porter closes our package this issue by some reflections on his stay in the city of Esperance, Western Australia. George and his wife have spent nearly 5 months on secondment to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in that city following ill health of the incumbent minister.

Since the start of the New Year we have been subjected to fire and floods as portrayed by Dorothea MacKellar, the feature of the sunburnt country with its droughts and flooding rains. It is not an encouraging start to the year. However, remember the promise of a new earth and new heavens that our heavenly father has made. Do not let the pain of the recent events cloud your view of the future.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 51 - February/March 2013