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Online Magazine: Edition 52

April-June 2013

Welcome to the Fifty-second Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.




by John Morris

The year is moving on. We are over one third of the way to Christmas. We do not have to wait until Christmas day to express our thoughts of love and friendship to loved ones and friends.

Alex Currie in the Pastor's Piece presents an edited book review of Hal Urban's "20 Things I Want My Kids to Know". I do not intended to review the review other than to draw your attention to Alex's closing sentence, "So, what's your legacy of values going to be in the lives of others". A daily communication in words and actions, thoughts of love and friendship, will assist in registering values with others.

Wes Guy gives us another glance into God's involvement in the lives of human beings. He continues with some of his personal flying experiences that demonstrates dramatically that God is interested in each one of us. Some have dramatic interventions, for some God is more in the background. But, he is there.

George Porter looks at life in "The Bush" of the north coast of New South Wales with an amusing anecdote. Animal habits and achievements often amuse, not uncommonly astound us, suggesting that there are skills and abilities that we would love to have.

We wrap up the magazine for this period with two "Missionary" minded articles.

Pastor John Dever always wanted to be a missionary. Family lore supports this aim, which he attained after service with the Australian Army in New Guinea from Milne Bay along the northern shores of Papua New Guinea. "Uncle John" set out his reasons for his life direction in 1971.

Denis Jenkins spent over 8 years in Samoa with his Missionary father Paster Doug Jenkins and family. He provides us with an interesting report on life as he saw it and the effect that some incidents had on him personally. We look for more stories from Denis. Service is valuable to both the providers and the recipients and these 2 articles remind us of Jesus' challenge to us all - service is essential - and we will be judged on how we contributed to the welfare of our fellow human beings - even if the need of the moment is only a cup of water (Matt 10:42).

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 52 - April-June 2013