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Online Magazine: Edition 53

July-August 2013

Welcome to the Fifty-third Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.




by John Morris

Welcome to another edition of the Online Magazine.

We begin, as usual, with our Pastor's Piece.

Enjoy Padre George Porter's report as he itinerates in Western Australia touching the isolated and sharing with them the fellowship of ministry.

I look at people with compassion - and challenge you not to think that you cannot be as wide ranging, or attune to the needs of others. Your challenge may not be as great as those reported on this edition. It might be the car stopped by the side of the road with an elderly lady changing the tyre, while an equally aged gentleman is standing watching. There is also a thought that we could explore in future  - do not be so quick to judge.

Taking a different tack I have included an article on Masada, the mountain-top fort that held out for a long time to the Roman army but where on final breakthrough, all of the defenders (bar a couple of women) were found to have taken their own lives instead of surrendering to the Romans. Craig Louwen is a year 12 student at Tweed Valley College who has visited the Middle East which gave him food for thought about the Bible Lands. Maybe there will be more of a teenager and the Bible lands for future editions.

      We also have the last of Wes Guy's stories of How he saw God active in his flying life. It is interesting how we see the hand of God and how he can hold that hand out to us to assist, defend and direct.

God's blessing as you read and reflect on the magazine articles.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 53 - July-August 2013