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Let's Ruin This Year!

Pastor's Piece, by Mark Baines

Earlier this month I preached an unconventional sermon at Thornleigh, outlining 5 ways people could ruin their year. I'm not exactly sure how it was received, but I am sure that many Australians are thinking their year has been ruined already, with the drought, bushfires, storms and now coronavirus disease that's infected so many. In my sermon I referenced the short story of Jesus' visit to Mary and Martha's home (Luke 10:38-42), with Martha chasing her tail prepping the food and getting annoyed at Mary, who was just sitting at Jesus' feet. Could this story help us handle the tragedies and disasters that come our way?

In a world that drives us to busyness, and with the sad reality of daily tragedies and the media feeding us fear-filled news, life can become very overwhelming. Jesus chose not to affirm Martha, but instead he counter-culturally affirmed Mary. You see, sitting at Jesus' feet, listening and learning from Him, is the place he encourages us to 'be' first. We are to BE his children, before we DO his work. We are to sit with him before we work with him. I've learned that at his feet - spending time talking with and listening to him - is my hiding place, a place of safety and refuge and shelter and inspiration. It's the place I need to go to amidst the storms of life, and to receive motivation for the day. Going and helping those in need is really important, but like a phone that needs charging, my first port of call is to recharge with my Creator.

In fact that's where my identity and value comes from. My Creator, not my work, belongings, looks, accomplishments or other people's opinions. At Jesus' feet - when I read the Bible - I discover who I am first. Then I'm told what to do. Just like the good news of Jesus. Jesus loves us and saves us not because of what we do, but because of who we are, in Him.

So may you not ruin this year, but as you figure out what it looks like to sit at Jesus' feet, may you fly higher than ever before.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 63 - Autumn (Mar-May 2020) > Pastor's Piece - Let's Ruin This Year!