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Jesus, please fill me with your peace!

by Jenny Marshall

Throughout my life, I have had a very deep desire to have Jesus as my very dear friend.  I was blessed to have parents who loved God with all their hearts.  I have had many experiences where Jesus has lead me in a very direct way.  These times have been extremely precious to be and sometimes it has taken a long time to even relate these experiences with family and friends, as somehow they have been very sacred to me.  Today, I want to honour God, as I relate one of my many experiences, and to tell you that God is a very personal God, and He cares very deeply about the situations of our lives, and He just wants to reach out to us, and care for us in a very meaningful way.

We all go through situations in life that are very difficult and while we were in a particular place about 22 years ago, we both experienced a very difficult time that went on for months.  I had been so filled with worry and anxiety, I lost my confidence to drive.  I needed desperately to go shopping to fill my kitchen cupboards and do some business in town, so I asked God if He would take care of me as I got into the car and out onto the road.

I had driven for about half an hour, as we lived quite a long way from the shopping centre.  As I came into the town, I cut across the path of an oncoming car, almost causing a serious collision.  The driver yelled curses upon me as he drove by.  I quickly pulled over and screamed out to God, "God please help me!" All of a sudden I heard an audible voice, gentle but authoritative, saying, "Drive to the car park just up the road". 

As I pulled into the parking space, I broke down and sobbed and sobbed.  Then I called out to Jesus and said, "Jesus, please fill me with your peace". All of a sudden, without any reason, I started to sing. I sang songs and hymns of my childhood days from church.  A golden warm light filled my car, and I felt a sense of deep peace and the presence of Jesus.  I sat there for a long time just singing and sharing a most wonderful time with Jesus.

I finally was strengthened enough to go and do my shopping and banking.  The singing didn't stop.  I just had continuous songs singing in my heart and this went on for three week, and I experienced a deeps sense of God's presence all that time.  I was strengthened in my faith in God again, knowing He would always be with me.  He has promised in His word that He will never leave us for forsake us.  I need to always remind myself never to forget His faithful promises.

Hebrews 13:5 (NIV) "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 63 - Autumn (Mar-May 2020) > Jesus, please fill me with your peace! (by Jenny Marshall)