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The Three Members of the Godhead

Part 2, by Wes Guy

by Wes Guy


In the last issue of our on-line magazine (see previous article) we looked at the attributes of God, and the fact that there is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who comprise one God.  Now we continue with some other aspects of this idea..

How Can One God Be Three?

In ONE family there may be several members, but it is still called ONE family. God is one, but there are three personalities involved. In Deuteronomy 6:4 the word LORD is translated from "Jehovah" - God's name. The word "God " in this text is plural in the Hebrew language, thus showing more than one personality involved in the Godhead. The same plurality we have  seen in Genesis 1:26.

God Is Interested In Us

God did all He could to save man.  John 3:16

When Jesus walked this earth as a man He had to say, "My Father is greater than I" and this was certainly true.  Philippians 2:5-8

Christ was veiled in the weakness of humanity - but this was not always so. Before He came to this earth He was "in the form of God" and "equal with God", but He forsook this glory to live and die for sinful man. He did all He possibly could to secure our salvation.

The Holy Spirit also works toward our salvation. Romans 8:26

The bible is clear. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are equal in power, substance and eternity. True, we cannot understand all there is to know about God, but we do see a revelation of His character of love. What more could God have done that we might have eternal life? Rather than involving one's discussion about who's who in the Godhead, surely we would benefit more from contemplating God's great love, or the supreme sacrifice on Calvary, or co-operation, as the Holy Spirit leads us day by day.

Added Notes On The Firstborn - First Begotten

Some are mistaken in claiming Christ was created by God because He is referred to as the "First born" or "First begotten". The misunderstanding stems from not understanding what these terms mean. The Bible is clear that Christ is equal to God and existed with Him from all eternity as explained in the study we have had.

The word firstborn means "first in rank", and the context of Colossians 1:15-18 shows Christ as responsible for all creation. This places Him as first in rank. Verse 15 does NOT say He was created by God. Verse 18 gives Him the position of "first in rank" once again in reference to the resurrection. He was not first in TIME, but resurrections were only possible by virtue of Christ's resurrection; or in this He was "first in rank".

Notice the word "firstborn". There is a Greek word for "first created", but it is not used here. If the thought to be conveyed was that God created Christ, the word "first created " would have been used, but it was not. The explanation is simple - the Bible writer, Paul, had no intention of giving such an idea. The thought is simply that Christ was the only one of His kind - He was pre-eminent.

In the previous verses Jesus is credited with creation - in Nehemiah 9:6 Jehovah is credited with creation. It was a co-operative effort.

The children of Israel were regarded by God as His firstborn - or "first in rank" of all nations. Exodus 4:22

David was regarded by God as "firstborn" or first in rank.  Psalm 89:20,27

God said David was a man after His own heart, and exalted him.

Firstbegotten is exactly the same Greek word as firstborn. Sometimes the translators use firstborn and other times firstbegotten.  Revelation 1:5

Hebrews 1:5,6   This chapter is one of Christ's victory after He had "purged our sins" (verse 3). Angels are the highest creation, but here Christ is shown to be above angels. When He was victorious at Calvary and was resurrected, God called Him His Son - He was first in rank. Also at Christ's birth, He is called the "firstbegotten" - first in rank - and indeed He was the only one of His kind - the "God-man". Christ is paralleled to our elder brother  - the leader of the redeemed, which gives Him first place again.

He Is The Rock

God is referred to as the ROCK.  Deuteronomy 32:3,4

Here the ROCK is identified as Christ.  1 Corinthians 10:1-4

Doctrine of error has constantly endeavoured to downgrade Christ in some way, and not give Him His rightful place, but He is our ROCK, our SAVIOUR, and our GOD. With Thomas we must say, "My Lord and my God" John 20:28. Jesus accepted this praise, and will accept the same praise from us today.

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