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On Eagles Wings

Book Review

On Eagles Wings is a book written by Col Stringer. Reviewed by our resident book reviewer.

Isaiah 40:31

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.'

The book was first published in 1983 and is available at Koorong as a hardback book and as a DVD.

This book was given to me as a gift from someone I admire, and I have had the joy of passing this book as a gift on to other people.

For many years the author of the book has been involved in conservation.  Col comments in the foreword to the book that few birds or animals have filled him with awe like the eagle has.  On becoming a Christian Col began to research in depth the lifestyle of this bird in relation to the Bible.

In the Bible God likens Christians to the eagle; God also likens Himself to the eagle.  Col asks the question 'What manner of bird can this eagle be that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords would liken himself to one?'

Col the author is not the only person that has been inspired by eagles.  Eagles have inspired many cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Aboriginals.  In Africa and Asia, the eagle is held in awe and credited with supernatural powers and strength.  In the book of Revelation John describes the eagle as being one of the 4 animals that stand before God's throne.

The book comprises 14 chapters.  These chapters look at the eagle in detail.  Chapter 2 commences with the young eagle - and its life in the nest.  How the eagle needs to develop and learn to stand before it can think about flying.  Young Christians also need to grow and develop.  They cannot become instant giants in the faith but need to learn to be able to stand before they can soar.  Young eagles need the care and attention of their parents.  So, to do young Christians they need to have older Christians in the faith to guide them and help them learn to stand.

Beautiful photos of the eagle's feathers show the wonderful creative power of a creator that created this bird to fly - each feather is designed for the special requirements needed for this bird to fly as it does.  An eagles wings contain over 1,250 feathers.  Whilst they normally fly at an average speed of 40-50 miles per hour - they have been clocked at over 100 miles per hour in a dive.

A chapter of the book is spent looking at the eagle and his mate.  Eagles mate for life - the courtship ritual goes on throughout their life together.  The male eagle assists his wife in hunting and feeding and caring for the young together with his 'wife'.

One of the chapters of the book looks quickly at 16 bird varieties showing their positive and negative attributes and it asks how this bird compares to the Eagle and how would we as Christians like to be seen, which bird do our actions show us to be.

The last 3 chapters of the book looks in more detail at the Bald Eagle - the Wedged Tail Eagle and finally the Chicken Eagle - the story of an Aboriginal warrior who stole an egg from an eagle's nest and deposited it under a brooding mother hen in a chicken coup.  To find out the end of that story you will need to read the book

Final Thoughts

This book is full of wonderful inspiring thoughts - beautiful full-page and double page colour pictures - a book that can sit on a coffee table to be glanced through - photos to enjoy - Bible texts to inspire - or to be read in depth and pondered on

I would like to leave you with the final words of the author in the foreword to the book.

'I invite you to enter the world of the Eagle Christian, come learn to fly, borne aloft on wings of the spirit, to soar above the filth, discouragement, degradation and selfishness.  Come learn to fly!  It's not only possible but it's where God intends for you to live!  Lord lift us up where we really belong, where the eagles fly!'


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Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 70 - Summer (Dec-Feb) 2021/22 > Book Review - "On Eagles Wings", Author Col Stringer