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by Denis Jenkins

Welcome to the Pilot edition of the Online Magazine!  The Thornleigh Church's Online Magazine is a monthly website feature.  This feature contains thoughts and ideas related to the Christian faith as expressed by members of the Thornleigh church family.  It might be said that the magazine is a small insight into the thoughts and ideas of various Thornleigh church members.  In enables them to communicate spiritual insights to fellow Church Family members, and also to the local and world community.

This spiritual communication can be in the form of sharing insights found as a result of personal Bible study.  It could be an article explaining how a sermon had sparked an insight into applying spiritual concepts to daily living.  As the Lord blesses his people, various members may include a personal testimony of how the Lord has blessed them and led them in a particular way or circumstance.  As members communicate with God in their devotions, short devotional thoughts may impress their mind that can be shared for the building of the faith for both the church family and also anyone who wishes to share these spiritual insights.

Young people are also encouraged to share with other young people creative spiritual approaches to spiritual living that are applicable to the young.  Young people are also able to share their thoughts related to relevant spiritual matters with the older members of the church.  Some may wish to create puzzles and games that lead to an understanding of God and His Word.

Others may have poetic talent and wish to express their spirituality through poetry.  Good books may be read which may enthuse the reader to share ideas with others that are found in fine Christian literature.  Therefore, book reviews at times will be included with a link to where the book may be obtained.

This magazine will also from time to time include health features since the Christian philosophy encompasses the care of the body as it is the temple of God.

Some of our members are artists and are able to express their Christian perspective through cartoons and other art forms.

We encourage you to leaf through pages of the magazine each month and share with us the wealth of insight that is possible through combined minds that are being led by the Holy Spirit.  Learn a little more of what is in the mind of the Thornleigh Church as the fellowship grows in Christ.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Pilot Edition > Editorial