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Kids Corner

Bible Crossword Puzzle, by Carla Jenkins


Hint - Print this out to solve the Crossword!



1. He refused to eat meat in the king's court.
2. The third book of the New Testament.
3. Jesus' heavenly Father.
4. He had a coat of many colours.
5. Adam's son who obeyed God by sacrificing a lamb.
6. One of Noah's sons.
7. "My _ _ _ _ is easy and my burden is light."
8. The animals used to pull the chariots
9. The place where Jesus was buried.
12. One of Jesus' disciples.
13. This was his name before he stopped persecuting the Christians.
14. He built a big ark.
15. "For the wages of _ _ _ is death but the gift of god is eternal life."
16. What tempted eve to take the forbidden fruit?


1. Who killed Goliath?
3. Name the 16 book of the Old Testament.
4. What is the 31st book of the Old Testament?
5. Who went to Heaven on a chariot of fire?
6. What did the 10 virgins have to keep alight while waiting for the bridegroom?
7. The young boy who worked with Eli the priest
8. The New Testament doctor.
10. Name the third last book of the Old Testament.
11. Paul was a .maker.
12. Also known as Lucifer.
13. The place where baby Jesus was taken to escape Herod.
15. Who raised his rod to part the Red Sea?
16. By what are we saved?
18. His wife was Bath-Sheba.
19. Another name for the devil.

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