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Online Magazine: Edition 30

August/September 2009

Welcome to the Thirtieth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
The magazine has now been running for 5 years!



The articles in this issue

by Norman Tew

This is a special issue as it is number thirty.  That means this is the end of the fifth year since the first proper issue of this on-line magazine.  The pilot issue was now well over five years ago.

The Pastor's Piece for this issue is on the subject of the The Dimensions of God's love.  A subject that will always be of interest to the believer.

John Morris this time looks back on some interesting experiences with aircraft in Plane Talk and applies the last of these stories to the situations that all of us face in life.

Denis Jenkins' series on the History of the Christian Church, which has appeared in over two-thirds of the issues, is continued with his comments on the life of the Scottish reformer John Knox.

Mary Turbet's talk at the start of one of our weekly Bible Study meetings is on Hymns.  She had her friend Noni McTackett help her with this one, so it is a combined article.  This may be the last of these talks from Mary as she has stepped down from assistant leadership in that service.

Our last article this month is rather longer than usual.  This article was distributed by Dr John Ashton of Avondale College with the request that it be shared freely, including on web sites.  While it is specifically on the subject of  "A Creation Curriculum" the subject of creationism is one that is well worth giving space in view of the current attitude of too many of the scientific community and the popular press which does not consider the options in the subject of origins.

We trust that our readers will find several articles that match their personal reading interests.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 30 - August/September 2009