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Count My Blessings!

by Barbara Wood

My Story - Count My Blessings!

We have been blessed very much the last couple of weeks, by not only focussing on God's love, but I have been shown so much of it,   and I take this opportunity to thank both Him, and my church.

So without all the gruesome details, I was happy to count the blessings, from what was actually a perilous journey.

First was the visits by church folk to the Royal North Shore Hospital, brightening up my days (B1), for the lovely cards with their encouraging messages (B2)     [Now I'm not talking about 'Bananas in Pyjamas' when   I mention  B1,B2---it's the Blessings!.] for the delicious food so generously given(B3), the lifts kindly given to and from church-- and it was out of the way for most of them(B4),  ---but most of all, for their prayers(B5,  which  l  believe not only greatly helped  my recovery (it was touch-and go there  for a while), but also fast -tracked my recovery (here I  must add my thanks also to Waitara Church , and to my place of residence ).      Well, God certainly 'works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform'.     The last drastic event was a stroke, and already I could see God's hand in it-this time I felt God was saying  'Now you really must make it clear how I'm working through you'.

So when I was faced with the decision over a badly-broken ankle-the choice over amputation, or an eight-hour operation, which I probably  wouldn't survive anyway' I thought , 'Right this is the first big test, and after a quick prayer heavenward,---I  answered that I was a person of strong faith in God, and the many prayers being offered on my behalf, and in the doctors' brilliant skills (I really believed they could, even though they had grave doubts about my survival, preferring the amputation option.  My reason for choosing this rather selfish option was because at a relatively young age, I felt as if I could still be useful in helping with the grandchildren.

But let me go back in time to my 'tropical holiday'.  After a few happy days, including a 60th' Birthday for my younger sister Sally, and some lovely walks around Mission Beach and the beautiful surroundings(B6) and helping her at the local market, I found myself first in Tully Hospital, then a three hour drive by Ambulance to Cairns Base Hospital.  The staff there were really nice, and though the food was very good there(B7), I unfortunately couldn't enjoy it very often, as I was being fasted every three days, and taken to theatre to flush out the infection in my leg.    Room temperature was perfect there, and when my dear daughter came up especially, she was able to take my bed onto the veranda where we could enjoy the fresh salty air, the waving palm trees, and the lovely view of the sun sparkling on the water (B8) -though you had to get out there in the morning, or it would have turned into mudflats with the receding tide!

During that time, my elder sister Pauline came to visit me every day, brightening it up.     Though I didn't get to see much of Cairns and surrounds, it was a good way to see more of my sisters (B9) who live  so far away.

Then down to cold old Sydney (well it was then) - though the hearts were very warm of course, but the hospital room, though it had a fantastic view of the city, including the Bridge  to as far as Botany, with planes constantly landing and taking off, was very cold. Much closer was the heliport, which sadly was used too often.

Sure there were some dark days: blood tests, mountains of pills, learning to walk again, difficult patients (of whom I was probably one of the fussiest, no sunshine ……but throughout this time were the smiling, encouraging greetings of the nurses, physios, doctors--- and of course my dear family and friends (B10)    And on the many overcast days outside, God often sent a beautiful rainbow    --a reminder of better days ahead!

Then the day came for my anointing by Pastor Sue,: and I was delighted that my brother and my son were happy to stay for it (B12,B13)

At last after 13 weeks virtually on my back, it was time to go home-well to Katherine and Waynes' place.        She was amazing how she coped, with a precious bubbly two year-old at one end of the scale and an old lady at the other end who had changed from a help two days a week, to a couch-potato, surrounded by remote controls.     Katherine also made sure this chook was well fed with good old, healthy, home-cooked food (B15).    My dear stepdaughter also came up from Tassie to help, and was also a source of encouragement,(B16)…. When I became braver, and more mobile and adventurous, we would go for drives, for a cuppa, or for short walks, and I had the opportunity to visit Muogamarra National Park(B18), only open for six weekends a year, and a glorious splash of pinks, whites, gold  and purples.  (Well worth a visit!)

So now I thank God for the chance to speak to my special family and friends - and to just be here which is in itself a miracle to enjoy  more than ever the many aromas of the spring flowers  - and I thank God for the chance to go on living - for Him!

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