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Online Magazine: Edition 37

October/November 2010

Welcome to the Thirty Seventh Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Contents of this issue

by Norman Tew

Most of our articles are by our regular contributors but there is one by a new writer.

Barbara Wood injured her lower leg while visiting family in North Queensland.  Eventually she was air lifted back to hospital in Sydney where she was advised that an amputation might be the only solution.  She now walks with a profound limp but she talked to our church about her experiences as a series of Blessings.  Her talk is one of our articles this time.

Annette Stafford is becoming a regular contributor.  Periodically our church musicians take a Friday evening worship service at the aged care residence of Elizabeth Lodge (Normanhurst).  Annette gave the devotional talk, and I was told it was good.  So we also have that here in this issue.

Erica Green (a pseudonym) is writing in a more serious style this time, usually she punches home her points with humour.  She is writing about what love really is.

John Morris has departed from his usual lessons from his travels to talk about women of influence, in the Australian government, in his life, and in the Bible story.

For the Pastor's Piece this month Pastor Sue Redman looks at what an all powerful god can do  - for us.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 37 - October/November 2010