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A Tribute to Mothers

by Pr Richard Tavender (expanded by Norman Tew)

A Tribute to Mothers - Bible Mothers


It is always good to show our appreciation to mothers who have shown courage, care and sacrifice in order to be faithful parents. Here are some Biblical examples of mothers who are remembered for their role as a parent.

Mary was a young woman who faithfully carried and gave birth to Jesus. To onlookers it seemed scandalous to give birth to a child whose father was not obvious, but she believed God had commanded her and she stood firm.  She was warned "a sword will pierce through your own soul" Luke 2:35 but she did not waver.   In the context of hardship and persecution, she lovingly protected and cared for Jesus.

Jochebed  courageously protected Moses against the commands of the government and sacrificially cared for him even when she knew that he would be given over to Pharaoh's daughter as soon as he grew.  Her training in obedience to God was such that it stood by him his whole life.

Elizabeth, as an older woman, conceived, carried and gave birth to John the Baptist.  She was a relative of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her blessing by God (for she acknowledged that her pregnancy was a miracle) and encouragement was a blessing to Mary.  Elizabeth's faith was honoured through her son who became a prophet and blessing to many as a fore-runner of Christ.

Ruth was born a Moabite, a heathen nation under condemnation from God (see Deut. 23:3), but married an Israelite.  When her husband died she determined to support her widowed mother-in-law.  Ruth is a woman renowned for her faithfulness.  She became a key ancestor of David and Jesus.

Eve is so named as the mother of all the living. The first woman on earth regrettably failed to trust God and chose to eat the fruit of knowledge of Good and Evil. She then led her husband into rebellion.  By God's grace she and Adam lived to declare over her first born son "I have a man from the Lord" (Gen 4:1).  Later that son became the first murderer - of his brother.  How much sorrow came to Eve!

Sarah is the key female ancestor of God's chosen people. She did not trust in God's promises and tried to find alternate ways for her husband to have the promised son.  Her faithless plans led to much trouble and strife. However when she conceived a child by the will of God, her son did become the ancestor of God's people.

Today mothers all around the world exercise faithfulness, courage, care and sacrifice as they show love to children. What else can we say but "Thanks".  What else can we do but show respect and reciprocate with actions of courage, care, sacrifice and faithfulness.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 38 - December 2010 / January 2011 > A Tribute to Mothers (by Pr Richard Tavender)