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Online Magazine: Edition 54

Summer (Dec-Feb) 2013/14

Welcome to the Fifty-fourth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.




by John Morris

The world is coming to the end of 2013 with 2 major events just ahead:

Christmas and the New Year.

Both of these events will have an impact on the lives of each of us. The impact will be determined by a number of factors generally beyond our control but there are influential matters that can be significantly affected by us. Life can be modified. Life can be directed.

My earliest recollection of Christmas sees each of the children in the family placing a pillowcase at the bottom of the bed. On waking on Christmas day the pillow case was normally full or close to it. Then there came the Christmas tree and we soon learnt to take part in the sharing process. Mum and  Dad would up the pocket money with the admonition to put something aside for Christmas presents. Of course they would act as the generous banker and not look for repayment of the over expending that inevitably occurred.

Our family has now run through 3 cycles - children - grandchildren part 1 - and grandchildren part 2. Our 2 daughters were 7 years apart. Their children were obviously spaced and we see 2 distinct packages going through life's events - and Christmas. Part of the change process that we try to encourage is to think of others even if it is "only" family members as a start. We can look out to neighbours and via such organizations as "The Salvos" and "Vinnies" to the wider community as we try to develop a sharing attitude.

Lois Randall writing some years ago provides an excellent example of the true spirit of Christmas in action. Mark Finley draws out attention to the babe in the manger on whom the whole world is dependent for removal of the sin problem. Both presentations were from devotional books of some year's vintage and were presented for reading on December 25.

George Porter has come good for another amusing story of life as a teen and young adult with a thought direction at the end.

With David Weslake's agreement I have included a full sermon. The first sentence will attract you and have you wondering "What's next". The introductory story is very amusing and will hold your attention totally as David develops his presentation theme.

May God bless your reading and give you a loving spirit for the coming year.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 54 - Summer (Dec-Feb) 2013/14