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God's Unspeakable Gift

by Lois Christian Randolph

The angels came to the shepherds with the greatest message ever borne to mankind - the news of a baby, born to be our Saviour. To all who would accept Him, He came to bring peace and goodwill.. In the heart where Christ dwells, fear, suspicion, animosity, hatred or greed can find no place. Instead the heart is filled with love, joy, peace and an overwhelming desire to help the needy.

During the Christian season joy is the expectation of all.

When Carlos Lopez lay sick with a terminal disease, he had one request: a happy Christmas for his wife and is five children. In a Sacramento, California, newspaper he placed his desire in a want ad. The response exceeded his fondest hopes.

First a real-estate man and his wife came from Carmichael. They left and envelope with instructions "Do Not Open Till Christmas". At Christmas the Lopez family discovered that the envelope contained $100. Cards and donations came from all parts of California. A Sacramento store brought 3 large gifts for the youngest children. A sum of $135 came to the Lopez family through a letter written by a councilman in Rocklin. A nurse at the hospital where Mr. Lopez was a patient supplied a Christmas tree.

They received not only gifts but work ws offered for the eldest son Carlos Jr. A Baptist church gave a dinner through which they raised $67* for the family. Surely the happiness that came to Carlos and his family was shared by all the thoughtful people who helped the make their holiday memorable.

We who look forward to Christ's Second Coming have an added reason for great joy. The astonished shepherds who heard the angels sing on the Bethlehem hillside shared their good news with others. We now have the privilege of sharing with the world the anticipation of his return.

The blessed hope of His soon return is the shining star in our dark sky. Our Creator, Redeemer and King does not compel anyone to receive Him. The choice must be our own. On this Christmas day let us lift our eyes toward heaven while we exclaim, "Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift". Let us invite the Saviour to be borne again in our hearts.

(Not knowing the date of the event I imagine that the gifts would be valued in at least $'000s today). 

Lois Christian Randolph was writing in Target Heaven a Daily Devotional and Inspirational Guide designed for Early-teens, near teens, their parents and all who feel the,selves young. Target Heaven ws published by Review and Herald in 1973.(Washingotn DC, USA)

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 54 - Summer (Dec-Feb) 2013/14 > God's Unspeakable Gift (by Lois Randolph)