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Book Review

Margie Asks Why, by Laura Rock Winn

This is a very old book written for children by Laura Rock Winn.

This book was first written in 1963 and has had many reprintings.  The book is available from the Adventist Book Centre.

This book blends fiction and fact.  Margie's best friend loses her mother, and then while staying on a farm with the grandparents a calf dies.  Margie asks the question - 'Why does God let good people and little children and helpless animals get sick and have trouble?  Margie's Aunt Trudy comes to visit, and she tells Margie and her brother the story of sin.  In language that a child of 7+ can understand Aunt Trudy tells of the war between God and Satan.  How God must let sin mature and run its course before He can step in and end Satan's rule forever.

In the beginning of the book, the children go to stay with the grandparents, the children leave a gate open and a calf that the grandparents are minding for another farmer escapes and is run over on the highway.  The grandfather then must pay the owner the value of the calf.  This in a very small way mirrors how God paid the penalty for our sins. 

Shortly after this Aunt Trudy starts to tell the story of sin.  The story starts back when there was only GOD.  The Godhead discussed creating beings that would have free will; however, they also realised that if ever any of these beings decided to no longer follow God's laws of love that the peace and joy of the universe would be impacted.  God also realised that sin could not be allowed to continue forever and those who chose to sin must die.  Jesus at this time offered to be the substitute and pay the penalty for anyone who repented of their sin, and to offer a way of escape from the penalty of death.

The story then moves to Lucifer in heaven and his dissatisfaction with the government of God, and his wish to offer an alternative way of life.  War develops in heaven, Lucifer and the angels who support him are finally removed from heaven and the battle moves to this earth.  The story then moves to Adam and Eve, on to the story of Noah and the flood, Job, Abraham, Moses, and the nation of the Jews.  The story then moves to Jesus's first advent to this world.  The story of Jesus goes from His birth to His death on the cross - paying the price for anyone who will accept it. Aunt Trudy's story then tells of the resurrection of Jesus - His return to heaven - the angels joy and excitement of Jesus's return and God the Father's acceptance of Jesus sacrifice for all those who want to accept God's way of escape from sin.

Satan now knows that his doom is sealed - but before it ends Satan wants to take as many people with him as possible.  If he cannot enjoy heaven again - he does not want any of us to enjoy it either.

The book ends with the following plea from God

"It is as if God is leaning out of heaven, looking down at you,
Reaching His hand out to you and saying,
'My dear son, My beloved daughter, I need help.
Won't you please choose my side and be willing to help me?'
And you have to choose whether you will help Satan or God."

This book makes a great book for parents to read to their children.  Parents can discuss with their children the concepts that are presented, helping their child to have a greater understanding of God's love for each of us and the promise of life eternal after sin is shown for what it is, and is finally dealt with.

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Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 73 - Spring (Sep-Nov) 2022 > Book Review - Margie Asks Why, by Laura Rock Winn