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Online Magazine: Edition 75

Autumn (Mar-May) 2023

Welcome to the Seventy-fifth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Welcome to the Autumn edition of our online magazine. 

The month of Jan 2023 saw the news of the death of Cardinal George Pell, at the age of 81.

He leaves behind a mixed and complex legacy:- 

I do not intend to comment on either his guilt or innocence, there are plenty of people out there on both sides of that discussion.  But rather, I want to take this opportunity as a reminder to me of the responsibility that the Bible places on the shoulders of those who claim the name of Christian.

The Bible tells us that amongst other things, we are charged with the protection of the oppressed and the vulnerable within our society.  Who amongst us is a more deserving beneficiary of this admonition than a child?

Unfortunately, it has at times, been Christians in positions of power who have been on the wrong side of this fence.  Those who act as perpetrators rather than protectors.  The Bible drives home the heightened responsibility of religious leaders quite clearly.

These responsibilities not only apply to refraining from sexually abusing children ourselves, that is a given, but they extend to a responsibility for calling it out wherever and whenever it is seen and to actively put in place methods of prevention.

The population of Australia is approximately 26 million of which around 50% claim to be Christians.  Imagine the widespread impact, if 13 million Australian were to seriously take to heart the "protect the vulnerable" challenge in the Bible and go into full-on child protection mode.  The graph of child abuse incidents would drop like lemmings off a cliff face.  Can you even start to imagine the impact on the lives of so many people? 

This is a challenge for us all.  Let's start to make a difference in our sphere of influence.


In this Edition

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In this edition, it is a pleasure to introduce our new Pastor.  Pr Andy joins us at the Thornleigh Adventist Family having worked in education support, in youth work, in working with families and really values the opportunities we have daily through the work of God to support and develop stronger communities.  Pr Andy's favourite follower of Jesus in the Bible is Barnabas because of his heart felt desire to encourage.  His article is a reminder of the healing value and relation benefit of listening.

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