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Adult Sabbath School

The adult Sabbath School meets for approximately 1 hour starting at 9:30 on Saturday mornings.  The program is roughly divided into two sections of half an hour each. 

Each week one person from a team of about 6 or so people are responsible for the program during the first half hour.  Each person brings their own unique viewpoint to these programs, and it is always interesting to hear the broad spectrum of ideas and insights that this generates.

The second half hour is devoted to Bible study.  Each week, members of the various classes study a shared lesson pamplet, and then on Saturday morning the classes meet to talk about the past week's lesson and to share their ideas and insights raised during that week.

This quarter (July - September 2016) we are studying a holistic version of the "everlasting gospel" and will examine how the church can impact their communities with this gospel.  This means that the church (people not building) is not only preaching but living our lives through ministering to the needs of those in our local communities. The ministering function may be carried out locally - with the local church as its operating centre in health, family, youth, lifestyle improvement: through humanitarian agencies such as the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). The study theme is to remind each of our friends and church members of the role that each can play and what Jesus expects of those who love Him - basically to demonstrate that we do love the Lord in action responses.

The lesson authors are Gaspar and May-Ellen Gospor. Gaspar is chair of the Department of Religion at Washington Adventist University. May-Ellen is director of Adventist Community Services International,  General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Home > Church Family > Sabbath School > Adult Sabbath School